Leica JetStream
Civil Engineering

Leica JetStream

If you're working with reality capture data - especially large volumes of point cloud information - you know that it can eat up a lot of your computer's space. Whether it's storage space or RAM when viewing the data, trying to ensure you are able to view all the relative data to your project is a challenge.

Leica JetStream provides a centralized and easy-to-use system. Which is valuable not only for the design team but also for IT and project management. The rendering and visual fidelity of JetStream with its quick loading, and all-the-points, all-the-time rendering capability delivers like no other platform. 

When you want to integrate point clouds directly into your CAD system workflows, you want to look at Leica JetStream. Ask our experienced team of reality capture and data management experts to see what solution is right for your team.

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