Academia Programs

IMAGINiT offers support for training and development. At IMAGINiT, we know that educators have a lot on their plates with developing courses to help prepare the next generation of design professionals for college or the workforce. That does not leave a lot of extra time to learn how to use all the features and functionality in the Autodesk software. With IMAGINiT training, you'll be sure to reduce time spent learning the Autodesk software, and increase time spent teaching your students to become more successful.

Training - Faculty Development

Ranging from in-person classes to LIVE online training sessions and eLearning courses, IMAGINiT has everything you need to gain a high level of expertise and proficiency with your Autodesk software. If you already have a good understanding of the software at a basic level, we also offer advanced level courses as well as refreshers and updates for new releases. Check out our training schedule for upcoming classes.

Training Materials

Our sister company, ASCENT, offers printed Student Guides, eBooks and Instructor Tools for use by universities, corporations, and individuals. ASCENT is an Autodesk Authorized Publisher and Developer with 20+ years’ experience developing courseware ensuring that users achieve maximum productivity from their chosen engineering tools.

Education Facilities Offices

Autodesk provides free software access to all educational institutions in the U.S. and Canada, limited to educational use. Use of this software by education facilities offices for design and management of campus facilities is not permitted and is considered non-compliant. - Campus facilities teams must use commercial, non-educational licenses, which is currently eligible for discounted government pricing. IMAGINiT partners with DLT Solutions to simplify the buying process as well as provide discounted government pricing for educational institutes on the GSA schedule. In addition, IMAGINiT can assist you with your needs for the educational facility teams. We have a full facility solution from design to facilities management and operations.

COVID-19 Resources
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