Academia Programs

Instructors in K-12 systems, as well as in higher ed, have a lot on their plate. Their top priority is developing courses that will help prepare students for college or the workforce. That does not leave a lot of extra time to install and manage Autodesk software, let alone learn how to use all the features and functionality. The following services can help educators with software implementation, training, and more so that they can focus on preparing the next generation of design professionals.

Our sister company, ASCENT, offers printed Student Guides, eBooks and Instructor Tools for use by universities, corporations, individuals and Autodesk Training Centers around the globe. ASCENT is Autodesk's only Official Training Courseware provider. 

With IMAGINiT's installation service, InstallNOW, you won't have to worry about spending countless hours installing the Autodesk software on each of the computers in your classroom. We'll help you install just the software you and your students need, with a standard installation easily mirrored to all necessary computers.

IMAGINiT's teaching assistant, TeachNOW, is far better than any TA you could ask for because it allows you to leverage the knowledge of IMAGINiT technical experts "on demand." You will have online access to all self-paced eLearning courses, instructional video demonstrations, tips and tricks, quizzes and more, all available for use in the classroom. With phone, email and online web-based trouble shooting support, you can get the answers you need from our experts and the confidence to enhance your teaching experience.

Education - Faculty Development
With IMAGINiT training, you'll be sure to reduce time spent learning the Autodesk software, and increase time spent teaching your students to become more successful. Ranging from in-person classes to LIVE online short duration lecture-based PiTStop training sessions, we have everything you need to gain a high level of expertise and proficiency with your Autodesk software. Already have a good understanding of the software at a basic level? We offer intermediate and advanced level courses as well as refreshers and updates for new releases. Check out our training schedule for upcoming classes.

Education Facilities Offices
Autodesk recently announced the change in its education business model to provide free access to all educational institutions in the U.S. and Canada and its limit to educational use. As part of this change, use of software by Facilities teams for design and management of campus facilities has been considered “non-compliant” since April 1, 2013. Campus facilities teams must now use commercial, non-educational licenses, which is currently eligible for discounted government pricing.

IMAGINiT partners with DLT Solutions to simplify the buying process as well as provide discounted government pricing for educational institutes on the GSA schedule. Learn more about the Autodesk Educational licensing change and how IMAGINiT and DLT Solutions can help you through this transition.

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