Health Checks

IMAGINiT’s Health Checks are condensed assessment services that provide a targeted way to increase team efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. The goal is to determine whether firms are deriving the full benefit from tools like Revit and Civil 3D, and to make recommendations about where improvements can be made. Health checks can be completed in three to five days onsite, so they minimize disruptions and distractions for the business.

A Health Check for a building industry client typically focuses on a specific Revit project. The IMAGINiT team interviews team members and conducts an in-depth analysis of Revit project files and documents, including worksets, phases, families, and file linking and sharing. At Civil 3D clients, a Health Check examines settings styles, standards, the data management infrastructure, workflow, and user proficiency. All Health Checks deliver a report that identifies the top recommendations and a roadmap for enhancing software usage and workflow processes.

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