Procore Migration and Integration Paths

Whether your organization wants to transition from Procore to ACC, or you need to share ACC information with partners using Procore, IMAGINiT has you covered with proven migration and system integration pathways.

IMAGINiT offers solutions for two common situations:

Procore to ACC Migration

Many organizations are making the switch to ACC for enhanced data management and cost savings by avoiding concurrent subscriptions to two platforms. IMAGINiT can help you seamlessly migrate from Procore to Autodesk Construction Cloud. This service not only facilitates data transfer but also enables collaboration with Procore users, ensuring smooth integration within the construction ecosystem.

This one-time service is for organizations that want to transition permanently from Procore to Autodesk Construction Cloud.

View our brochure to learn more about these solutions.

Procore and ACC Integration

This service is designed for organizations that want to exchange data bi-directionally on an ongoing basis between their Autodesk Construction Cloud systems and partners that use Procore. IMAGINiT’s integration tools do more than simply move files between the applications. They automate the sharing of key project information including metadata and more.

  • Through conversations with team members, IMAGINiT experts gather information about the organization’s unique workflows, business logic, and triggers.
  • These insights are used to customize the Procore and ACC integration based on mapping and scripting appropriate for the organization’s needs.

Why Choose IMAGINiT:

IMAGINiT is your partner in transforming workflows and enhancing efficiency. Our technical experts will guide you through the migration process, making it effortless and ensuring your transition is smooth.

  • Seamless Data Transfer: Our Migration solution ensures accurate data transfer from Procore to ACC, preserving all historical data.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Transform workflows and drive success with streamlined processes.
  • Smooth Integration: Enable collaboration within the construction ecosystem for a unified approach.
  • IMAGINiT’s Procore and ACC migration and integration connectors are offered through the Pulse Integration Platform.
IMAGINiT Has You Covered

IMAGINiT Has You Covered

Learn more about our proven migration and system integration pathways.

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