Overcome Industry Challenges

IMAGINiT Technologies offers the right support, software, and services to overcome complex industry challenges and identify growth and success opportunities. With more than 20 years of experience you can feel confident knowing the professionals at IMAGINiT are configuring the best approach and solutions to accomplish your business goals. 

Building Design

Enhance productivity and collaboration while improving quality and increasing your win-rate potential with solutions supporting the entire building process.

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Civil Engineering

Instill innovation into infrastructure projects with design software, reality capture, point clouds, laser scanning, collaboration, data management, and more.

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Realize improved project timelines, costs, and increased owner satisfaction with virtual design and construction (VDC), building information modeling (BIM), and project management solutions.

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Energy and Utilities

Automate your processes to reduce costs, improve productivity, and mitigate security threats.

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Facilities Management

From hand over to occupancy and beyond, IMAGINiT’s FM solutions support you through the entire building lifecycle.

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Incorportating technology into projects and working through federal, state, and local government agency regulations creates unique challenges, Learn about solutions that can help. 

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Adopt product design and manufacturing solutions to achieve faster time to market, process improvements, and workflow optimization.

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