Bridging the Gap Between Revit and Inventor

As architects and designers have embraced Building Information Modeling (BIM), it’s become essential for building product manufacturers to be BIM-ready. Firms providing 3D, BIM-enabled models of their products are more likely to see their offerings specified on building projects. However, building product manufacturers face the challenge of learning how to create BIM-ready models and the lack of resources. IMAGINiT can help.

Unlock the Power of BIM-Ready Product Models

Leverage a proven process for creating BIM-ready product models developed by IMAGINiT technical experts and gain:

  • Increased Product Visibility: BIM-ready product models enable manufacturers to showcase their products in a virtual environment that is accessible to all stakeholders. This increased visibility can lead to more sales and increased market share.
  • Improved Product Design: BIM-ready product models allow manufacturers to design their products with the end-user in mind. Manufacturers can collaborate with architects and engineers to ensure that their products fit seamlessly into the building project.
  • Reduced Risk: BIM-ready product models reduce the risk of errors and conflicts during the construction phase. By integrating products into the BIM model, manufacturers can identify and resolve any clashes between their products and other building elements before construction begins

We understand that your designs need to work for both architectural models and manufacturing drawings. Bridging the gap between a BIM model and a model with a full production bill of material can be time consuming and difficult. IMAGINiT can help your company facilitate interoperability between BIM and manufacturing through a combination of tools building into Autodesk software and custom programming.

Want to Get Your Products BIM Ready?

Want to Get Your Products BIM Ready?

Learn more about our proven process for creating product models for manufacturing clients.

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