IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Server

IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Server

IT managers must ensure that vital data is accurately backed up and that all users have the correct rights and access. It’s also essential to be able to easily schedule backups while keeping a predetermined number of them. IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Server does all this and more.

Each IMAGINiT utility runs directly inside the Autodesk Vault products to help with backups, publishing and security.

What’s Inside Utilities for Vault Server:

Vault Command Line Tool: Enables command line scripting of many Vault operations.

Vault Backup: Allows you to support scheduled defragmentation and to automatically schedule, execute and report information on your backups. Get email notifications of both completed and incomplete backups with extensive detail.

Vault Publisher: Publish only released versions of items or file drawings to folders of your choice. Schedule your publishing or do it on-demand. Expand the ability to publish released versions of items or files to select folders with the support of new file types.

Vault Security Tool: Audit your Vault security with reports about users, groups, administrative privileges and folder security. New for 2018 – Lifecycle Security audit report – provides the ability to document permissions on Lifecycle States and Lifecycle State Transitions.

Vault Metadata: Import and export data from a spreadsheet—like descriptions or part number changes. New for 2018 – allows for updates to Categories, Revision Schemes, Revisions, Lifecycle Definitions and Lifecycle States from Microsoft Excel.

Supports Autodesk® Vault 2013 - 2018 versions. Specific features may not be available with all Vault products.

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