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Archibus: One Platform to Optmize Space, Operations, and real EstateThe world of facilities management today can be defined by a single word: dynamic. New regulations, increased pressure to be 'green', downsizing, mergers, acquisitions and expansions are the norm. Facilities management professionals must proactively plan for these changes and make informed decisions about space that optimize ROI, increase enterprise-wide productivity and reduce asset life cycle costs. To ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction, projects must be kept on time and within budget.

As facilities managers strive to deliver greater space efficiency, they need ways to lower the total cost of ownership. It's impossible to control costs effectively without an Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) like Archbius. Tools like automation, visualization and analytics are essential for tracking occupancy costs and identify consolidation opportunities. Facilities managers face several challenges on the job:

  • Better tools and data are needed to lower operational costs. Information and analysis are key to managing space more effectively, minimizing move costs and optimizing maintenance resources. Archibus brings the necessary data together in a centralized online repository, providing informed decision-making.

  • Strategic planning decisions aren't communicated effectively to front-line teams. Creating a strategic plan is a great first step towards more effective facilities management. All too often, however, teams responsible for doing the work aren't aligned with the master planning goals. With Archibus every user can access data that is applicable to their work. When everyone sees how their day-to-day tasks relate to the bigger picture, attaining your strategic goals is simplified.

  • The budgeting process needs improvement. Robust budgeting processes result in defensible space management and maintenance budgets. Archibus maintains relevant building information in one place, so facilities managers can deliver data in a timely way across the organization.

Archibus offers a variety of options to accommodate many organization's and stakeholders' needs. Talk with our team to learn more about Archibus, how you can link Archibus to various business systems, or to request an Archibus demonstration.

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