Facilities Management


Archibus: One Platform to Optmize Space, Operations, and real Estate

Transform how you connect people, place, and purpose to reduce costs, increase sustainability, and enhance the workplace experience. 

Facility managers striving to deliver greater space efficiency seek ways to lower the total cost of ownership. IMAGINiT partners with Archibus to provide enterprise and cloud-based Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS). Use automation, visualization, and analytic tools to help track occupancy costs and identify consolidation opportunities. 

With Archibus, owners and facility managers can: 

Lower operational costs. Bring the necessary data together in a centralized online repository for more informed decision-making.

Easily communicate strategic planning decisions to front-line teams. Give users access to data applicable to their work and show them how their day-to-day tasks relate to the bigger picture.

Improve budgeting. Maintain relevant building information in one place where facilities managers can deliver data in a timely way across the organization.

Archibus Cloud
Archibus Cloud empowers you with tools and insights in a lightweight, affordable, scalable, 100% cloud-based IWMS system. Begin with the essentials in Archibus Cloud Foundations then tailor your solution with more advanced, targeted modules such as asset management, space management, and maintenance and operations. 

Understand the solution that’s right for you by partnering with the team of facility management experts at IMAGINiT. Request a presentation today of Archibus or Archibus Cloud to learn which solution fits best within your organization.  

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