Product Design & CAD Automation

Transformation Through Automation

The future of product design is evolving as digital technology changes how things are used, sold, and serviced. Customers are more sophisticated than ever before, and the level of complexity they demand from you is on the rise. 
Client personalization is possible when everyday tasks such as Autodesk Inventor-based workflows and business process routing and management are automated to improve efficiency. Design automation lets engineers focus on high-level design rather than the mechanics of the drawing technology.

Automate Processes to Improve Business Outcomes


Extend Process Capability

IMAGINiT provides process and design automation services to extend CAD tools and automate processes as well as business logic.
  • Employees work smarter, not harder. With computer automated design, it’s possible to eliminate repetitive tasks, increase speed and consistency, and condense processes to one or two mouse clicks.
  • Reduced engineering time. IMAGINiT’s engineer to order services help companies decrease engineering time through rules-based computer automated design systems, automated configurators, and more.

Leverage years of industry experience with IMAGINiT’s team of experts and optimize productivity as well as customer satisfaction.



"Even at this early stage in the migration, we've seen a 20-30% productivity gain on workflow. And for our mill room, its between 50-70% gain in productivity."

Jason Bontrager, Project Leader - JAYCO
Ready to automate your processes?

Ready to automate your processes?

Find out how our team of experts can help extend your CAD tools and automate business logic.

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