CAM Solutions

When preparing a part for machining, manufacturers must utilize the highest degree of automation, standardization, and productivity. With an effective Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) solution, your team can leverage the latest technology to significantly reduce CNC programming time.

When choosing a CAM solution, it’s essential to ensure that your process will: 

  • Make parts right the first time.
  • Capture your CAM process “tribal knowledge”.
  • Assure highest quality and tolerance standards.
  • Protect your CNC equipment. 

IMAGINiT now offers several CAM solutions leveraging the latest product insight and industry trends to help you select and implement the correct technology from a range of Autodesk CAM software programs for 2-, 3- and 5-axis machining, multitasking centers, and wire EDMs.

IMAGINiT’s CAM solutions are:  

  • Designed to address the needs of your specific workflows.
  • Configured to meet project requirements.
  • Consistent with best-practice workflows leveraged by industry peers.

Ready to Improve Your CAM Process?

Ready to Improve Your CAM Process?

Leverage the latest technology and reduce CNC programming time with expert help from IMAGINiT.

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