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Is your firm leaving dollars on the table due to inefficient use of design and engineering software?

IMAGINiT, in partnership with KnowledgeSmart*, provides Knowledge Assessment Services that help your organization maximize its return on investment in technology and people. 

By testing the skills of your team, you can assess their proficiency with the Autodesk software tools they use and identify any knowledge gaps that may exist. Armed with this information you can determine what training path, if any, is necessary to increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. This upfront assessment will help you and your organization optimize your training budget by ensuring highly focused education for those who need it most.

How IMAGINiT's Knowledge Assessments Can Help:

  • Accurately measure the skill levels of your staff and identify their specific training needs.
  • Provide In-depth reports to compare your team’s performance and capability against industry standards. Benchmark your organization against peers, competitors, and partners.
  • Offers clear and accurate identification of training needs that help develop effective training programs and deliver measurable results.
  • Measure and demonstrate technical software experience to be positioned as a key differentiator when bidding for new projects.

Why work with IMAGINiT:

  • No need to dedicate personnel for on-site administration and proctoring of these assessments.
  • Most organizations don’t have anyone to interpret the results to design a training program and address identified knowledge gaps.
  • Most organizations do assessment testing once every couple years and purchasing an annual license doesn’t make sense for them.

To learn how a Knowledge Assessment could benefit your organization and increase your team’s overall productivity contact us today at 1-800-356-9050.

*KnowledgeSmart is a web-based skills assessment system, which helps AEC, design and engineering firms more accurately identify the software capability of existing teams and new hires.

Knowledge Assessments

Knowledge Assessments

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