Reality Capture Solutions

Reality Capture: Harness Your World

Industry Solutions for Reality Capture

Whether your firm is in civil engineering, architecture, or manufacturing, it’s likely that you need to capture existing conditions and store them in digital form. Reality capture technologies such as 3D laser scanning, mobile and aerial LiDAR, and photogrammetry can help. 

Reality Capture Expertise

With extensive expertise in both reality capture services and technology, IMAGINiT can help: 

  • Whatever your level of expertise. Reality capture may be new for your team, or you may just be looking for new ways to leverage this technology. IMAGINiT’s team of experts can advance your staff’s capabilities with collecting, processing and applying reality capture data to projects.
  • Find the best reality capture technologies for your needs. IMAGINiT’s experts aren’t focused on a single reality capture technology. They can help your team with 3D laser scanning, mobile and aerial LiDAR, as well as UAV-based or handheld photogrammetry information. We recognize that the “right solution” is determined by your project and business needs.
  • Create or improve your reality capture workflows. The IMAGINiT reality capture services team has extensive expertise not only with hardware and software, but also the workflows to transform digital data into design and engineering deliverables. We can provide assistance with customized trainingproject-based proof of concepts, and strategic business planning and project assistance
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