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Civil engineering, architecture, construction, and manufacturing firms are investing in reality capture technologies. 3D laser scanning, mobile LiDAR, and photogrammetry help capture existing conditions and store them digitally.

Reality capture may be new for your team, or you may want to improve your use of this technology. Advance your staff's ability to collect, process, and apply reality capture data to projects with help from IMAGINiT’s reality capture experts. 

Leverage the team's extensive experience to: 

  • Identify the technology most appropriate for you.  
  • Create or improve reality capture workflows.
  • Transform digital data into design and engineering deliverables.

Gain access to:

Get started faster and more efficiently with packaged offerings from the IMAGINiT reality capture experts. 

Whatever your reality capture needs, IMAGINiT can help.

Capture Reality

Capture Reality

Find the reality capture solutions that is right for you. 

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