The IMAGINiT Difference

Created by our IMAGINiT software developers who understand manufacturing workflows as well as the supporting technologies, IMAGINiT Pulse helps organizations easily connect business systems to keep operations running smoothly.

We focus on our areas of expertise – engineering, data management, PLM, and ERP. IMAGINiT’s professional services team gathers information about your organization’s unique workflows, business logic, and triggers through conversations with key stakeholders to customize IMAGINiT Pulse for your specific environment.

  • Customized IMAGINiT Pulse connectors. Based on the mapping and scripting for your organization’s needs.
    • Your workflows, business logic, and triggers will be used to customize the Pulse connectors.
    • IMAGINiT Pulse includes pre-built, customizable connectors for common systems and can create additional connectors for your specific systems.
  • Built on Microsoft .NET. Many products from other companies are built in proprietary languages, frameworks, or interfaces. IMAGINiT Pulse is built on a Microsoft .NET framework used by more than 7 million people worldwide.
    • No need to invest time and money in training courses.
    • Your team will not experience a steep learning curve.
  • Data is secure. It moves through Pulse, is only stored for a short time, and is encrypted when at rest.
  • Flexible environment. Your systems can be cloud-based, on-premise, or both.
  • IMAGINiT experts: Our support team is available to answer workflow questions, troubleshoot errors, etc.

Seamlessly Share Data Between Business Systems

Integrate your Business Systems

Integrate your Business Systems

Seamlessly share data between two or more systems for faster operations.

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