Clarity for Success

Revit design automation with IMAGINiT Clarity offers access to your data in new and insightful ways. With unique task automation and analytics, you save time on Revit, BIM Collaborate Pro, and Construction Cloud projects and understand how different aspects of your models affect project performance. Firms using IMAGINiT Clarity save an average of over 200 hours per project per year.

With the new IMAGINiT Clarity Space Programming Module you can accelerate your space planning to improve design creation and verification, set standards, and more, all in one place.

3 Million Hours Saved to Date with IMAGINiT Clarity. Play Video.


With unique task automation and analytics, Clarity offers the ability to regain valuable design time on Revit and BIM 360 projects.

  • Print requested PDF sets.
  • Export DWGs and share them to BIM 360, Dropbox, BOX, or an FTP site.
  • Back-up projects to a specific folder or system.
  • Create datasheets for rooms, equipment, and furniture.
  • Clean up your models and transmit them to stakeholders.


Take a proactive approach to eliminate potential problems and improve performance with monitoring and notifications of increases in file size, unresolved warnings, and more.

  • Track more than 60 model metrics.
  • Provide an overall model health score based on your criteria.
  • Highlight projects and models requiring attention.
  • Provide visibility at the model, project, group, and firmwide levels.


Access the rich data in your Revit project and gain unprecedented visibility into project performance.

  • Empower non-Revit users to run reports.
  • Export model data for use with business intelligence systems.
  • Use design data to inform business decisions.

Hear From Our Customers

"By automating repetitive Revit tasks, this software helps saves Quasar valuable design time and reduces the chance of errors. Clarity also produces monthly reports that state the number of hours saved by using it. Most recently, we saved about 200 hours in just one month."
- Navid Hoorzad, Design Technology Lead, Quasar
"Our teams, who had been following the same processes for years, have embraced IMAGINiT Clarity because of the clear benefits,” said Anthony. “After a demonstration, they knew that the software would save them a tremendous amount of time, make their jobs easier, and improve collaboration."
- David Mueller, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Manager, Stellar

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