Autodesk and CAD Consulting Services

Does Your Team Suffer from Design Myopia?Organizations today are seeking greater levels of efficiency through better communication and collaboration, more automation, and effective data management. Unfortunately, efficiencies aren’t always easy to attain:

  • Most low hanging fruit that could deliver productivity gains has already been harvested. To move to the next level, companies need expertise that may not be found in-house.
  • As software tools mature, employees often require specialized education to increase their output.
  • Data volumes are exploding and more robust data management systems and processes are essential.

IMAGINiT offers a variety of Autodesk and CAD consulting services to help organizations realize their maximum potential – including business and process consulting like Strategic Process Reviews and health checks, data management services, automation consulting, BIM optimization, and training. IMAGINiT’s CAD consulting services differ from those of the competition in several ways:

  • Structured consulting processes. This provides a level of consistency and repeatability that reduces risk and increases service quality.
  • Visibility into consulting engagements. Clients receive a roadmap at the beginning of each project and every engagement concludes with a project summary.
  • An inquisitive, consultative approach. What truly makes IMAGINiT’s team different is its inquisitive nature – we aren’t afraid to ask the “why” behind client requests. This consultative approach uncovers true business needs which are often very different than clients’ initial requests.
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