Health Checks

Too Many Cooks or Not the Right Recipe?IMAGINiT Health Checks provide a condensed assessment service that determines whether firms are using tools like Autodesk Inventor, Revit and Vault to their fullest potential. It then makes recommendations on software utilization and process improvements to increase team efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

IMAGINiT Health Checks can be completed in three to five days onsite, causing minimal disruptions and distractions for your team. Our experts examine conduct an in-depth analysis of processes and system configurations in your current environment and provides a report that identifies problem areas, the top recommendations for improvement and a road map for enhancing software usage and workflow processes.

Check out the Remote Solutions Health Check as IMAGINiT provides constructive feedback and generates a roadmap for a virtual / remote work solutions. Today, most companies are using virtual tools and technologies to stay connected to their workforce. Internally, this may simply involve the way that employees are communicating with each other and exchanging data, and externally this may also include how a company procures new work and collaborates on projects with outside partners.

IMAGINiT Offers the Following Health Checks:

  • Health Checks for Remote Solutions teams
  • Health Checks for Revit teams
  • Health Checks for Civil 3D teams
  • Health Checks for Inventor teams
  • Health Checks for Vault teams

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