IMAGINiT Utilities for Civil 3D
Civil Engineering

IMAGINiT Utilities for Civil 3D

Time Saving Tools to Boost Productivity with Civil 3D

New for 2020:
Pipe Invert Adjustment: Easily set a pipe invert at the beginning and end point of a run and calculate a consistent slope between the structures.

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Quick Edit for Pipes: Quickly change the invert or slope/grade of pipes in a gravity network.

Polyline from Feature Line: Extract a polyline (including curves) from a 3D feature line.

These tools available only in Utilities for Civil 3D 2020.

Other utilities include:
Import Maps: By utilizing data from Google Maps or Bing, you can import color, georeferenced images as well as data for tin creation and terrain surfaces within Civil 3D.

Pipe Elevation Adjustment
: Lets you raise or lower a set of pipe segments or an entire run.

Pipe Grade Adjustment:
 Makes it easier to re-adjust the grade or slope of a series of pipes. The tool can hold the invert, centerline or crown as well as deal with drops in structures.

Multi-Part Swap: 
Change the Family and Size of many pipes or structures on the network - all with one click.

A must-have if you work with linear design along roads (strip topo) and have a need to identify and label significant topography points (trees, structures, markers, etc.) from survey data points. The utility calculates and labels each respective point’s information in the drawing, parallel to the selected alignment, and all in a format you design.

Style Renamer
: Allows you to perform a batch re-naming of of all kinds of styles.

Create Offset Points
: Create offset points along a feature line with a specified offset. The perfect tool for creating stakeout points for a survey crew or in grading workflows.

Profile from COGO Points: Quickly creates a profile from specified points. No surface required and we take care of creating the alignment.

Point Station and Offset Report: This tool generates a report of points along an alignment based on parameters you define; this information can then be exported to HTML or Excel for further analysis and use. All point parameters are available (number, name, northing, easting elevation, etc.) as well as station value and offset distance from an alignment.

KML/KMZ Import:
Brings geometry from Google Earth/Google Maps into your drawing.

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