Evaluate Software Usage

Do you know if your engineering team is taking full advantage of the Autodesk software you provide? If they’ve been using it for a while, they may have developed routines that miss out on features that can save time, enhance collaboration and increase productivity.

For a review of how your company uses one specific software in a typical project environment, contact the experts at IMAGINiT. They will spend one day—up to eight hours—in face-to-face or virtual interviews with users learning:

  • How the organization functions
  • How data is created, managed and shared
  • The users’ knowledge of the software

After evaluating the information gathered, the IMAGINiT team will present their recommendations on how to enhance performance, productivity and abilities. They will also provide direction for the adoption of new technologies, services and enhanced workflows.

Questions about Assess and Advise?

Questions about Assess and Advise?

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