Reality Capture Project Assistance

IMAGINiT's reality capture experts provide a wide range of strategic business assistance, depending on your unique needs. Two examples of these services are specification oversight and project assistance, but the sky’s the limit.

  1.  Specification Oversight. Intended for teams that do not plan to perform high definition scanning (HDS) in-house, our experts can equip your staff with HDS industry knowledge, so they can qualify and specify outsourced laser scanning service providers. 
  • Project Assistance. Teams working on live reality capture projects often find over-the-shoulder assistance helpful. IMAGINiT experts are skilled at providing project-based support and the duration of this service can be customized to fit your needs. 
Let's Make a Reality Capture Plan

Let's Make a Reality Capture Plan

IMAGINiT can help your organization in whatever way needed to better leverage reality capture technologies in your business.

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