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Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and thermal simulation services uncover design insight to help businesses to make better designs faster, grow revenues and increase profits.

At IMAGINiT, we recognize that product development and engineering companies need a partner that can provide timely, reliable, and accurate design simulation results to empower their engineers to focus on their strength - making effective design decisions that enable their companies to shine.

IMAGINiT’s collaborative CFD analysis consulting business model delivers computational fluid dynamics simulation services for confident design decisions. Our model is built to help clients get the most out of industry leading CAE software tools. This means, that we deliver the highest quality insight for the best value, while ensuring that we’re solving the right problem with the most effective techniques available. By partnering with IMAGINiT, the CFD analysis process is left to our analysis experts and the design process is left to your design experts.

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Client Testimonials

“IDP, now IMAGINiT Technologies, was an invaluable extension to our team on a recent next-generation development project. As always, time was short and we were faced with very aggressive design objectives. From the beginning, the team was in lock step with our design intent and was able to provide the design insight, recommendations and component selection needed to mitigate derating the product at higher ambients and produce collateral to substantiate viability to our customers. We look forward to working with them again.”
Harrinder Sood – VP Engineering/Operations

“Perfection is impossible, but the IDP, now IMAGINiT Technologies, team is as close as it gets. Their turnaround time is fantastic and the design insight they provided led us to the ideal cooling strategy for our product, which eliminated the need for exploratory testing, established a viable concept to guide the industrial design process and greatly enhanced our overall product knowledge. I’d recommend them to any organization looking to improve product performance for a competitive advantage.”
Michiel Lotter – VP of Engineering
Nextivity Inc.

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