IMAGINiT Clarity Connect

IMAGINiT Clarity Connect

Automate the Work, Securely Share the Project, Administer the Network.

All while you keep designing.

IMAGINiT Clarity Connect for Autodesk Revit Server allows firms to deliver better informed designs to clients faster. By adding a layer of functionality to Revit Server, the system:

  • Automates manual tasks.
  • Liberates valuable information from Revit models.
  • Promotes secure project collaboration.
  • Simplifies monitoring of the Revit Server infrastructure.

Automate Manual Tasks

Manual tasks can be a time sink for project teams. Printing sheets can lock up a computer for a long time, and BIM coordinators can spend hours auditing and purging Revit models that are sent out or received weekly.Manually creating data sheets can take weeks or months depending on the magnitude of the project. By automating manual tasks, project teams can focus more on pressing issues. IMAGINiT Clarity Connect handles numerous project deliverables that are ripe for automation such as printing PDFs or DWFs, file exchange, publishing to external sites, review, COBie, and more. While Clarity Connect is focused on Revit Server projects, you can also enjoy Clarity's benefits for traditional workshared and A360 Collaboration for Revit hosted projects.

Liberate Information from Revit Models

Do you need to generate cut sheets and data sheets for external team members to review? Are they providing feedback in a manual fashion that then has to be translated to Revit? IMAGINiT Clarity Connect gives teams access to the rich data contained in Revit models. That information can then be incorporated into customized reports. Reports are easily edited on the fly, without modifying or jeopardizing the integrity of the source data that resides in Revit.

Promotes Secure Project Collaboration

With IMAGINiT Clarity Connect, all project stakeholders can securely access the project and model files you determine. In addition, stakeholders don't need to be Revit users. Online dashboards, project maps, data sheets, reports, as well as web editing, enable team members to participate from anywhere, on any type of device.

Simplify Monitoring of the IMAGINiT Clarity Connect and Revit Server Infrastructure

If issues arise with a host server, administers need a fast, easy way to resolve the problems. IMAGINiT Clarity Connect for Autodesk Revit Server offers an online system that BIM Managers can use to diagnose problems, leaving the IT team to deal with more pressing issues.

IMAGINIT Clarity Connect and Clarity Connect LT for Autodesk Revit Server are part of the larger IMAGINiT Clarity product family. Not using Autodesk Revit Server? You can still benefit from project collaboration and automation. Check out IMAGINiT Clarity for Autodesk Revit. And just released is IMAGINiT Clarity Owner Data Portal for owners and facilities managers who want to better understand and access model data in a simple format.

One year Subscription-only and perpetual licensing available. Find out more by contacting your IMAGINiT representative.

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