Autodesk Training Options

Now more than ever before, employees need to be as efficient as possible on the job. That means taking advantage of all available software tools, as well as staying current with new features and functionality on your Autodesk Software to help streamline processes.

IMAGINiT recognizes that the way that people learn is varied and the tools they use to learn have evolved. To meet these needs, we have created a portfolio of quality and highly flexible Autodesk training options.

Training Options:

Classroom Based Blended Learning
LIVE Online Custom

With IMAGINiT’s wide array of content, delivery options, training locations, and course schedules that can be tailored to meet your specific needs, you are sure to find a training solution that boosts your productivity now.

IMAGINiT is recognized by Autodesk as an Authorized Training and Certification Centre (ATC). Every instructor meets the rigorous standards set by Autodesk’s technical training to obtain Autodesk Authorized Certified Instructor (ACI) status. Our instructors are best in class and bring both industry and product knowledge to their classes.



“We simply could not be this effective and efficient with Revit if we did not take the training with IMAGINiT. The only way to get this done was by taking the time and the money to train everyone at the same time.”

Brian Harvey - Project Technologist - Mallot Creek Group 

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