Customer Satisfaction Program

At IMAGINiT we are dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied at every interaction you have with us. Beyond things like complimentary installation support, a dedicated Customer Advocate, and access to free IMAGINiT Utilities*, we also actively participate in the Autodesk Customer Satisfaction Program.

If you have recently renewed or subscribed to a new Autodesk product with IMAGINiT, Autodesk may invite you to complete an online survey. Your responses are a reflection of the services provided to you by IMAGINiT not Autodesk, hence when filling out the survey, please provide ratings and feedback on the level of service provided by IMAGINiT.

One of the questions on this survey is:
How likely are you to recommend IMAGINiT as a reseller?

Rating IMAGINiT with a 9 or 10 reflects your satisfaction with us. A rating below 9 is interpreted as though you were not entirely satisfied with your experience with us.

We want to know what it takes to earn that 9 or 10 from you. If you do not feel that we earned it, we would love to hear the reasons why, so that we can work together to fix them.


Please feel free to reach out to our dedicated, Client Advocate team with any questions, comments or concerns.

Customer Advocate Team

*Please note IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit, Civil 3D, and Vault Client are available only to clients who purchase annual or multi-year Autodesk Subscription through IMAGINiT.

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