Great Service from IMAGINiT

IMAGINiT is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and as such takes great pride in offering the ultimate in technical experts who are highly skilled and specialized in their area of focus, a dedication and laser focus on customer satisfaction and an investment in back office systems that enhance the purchase pre, post and sale process support we can offer our clients.

Your feedback is very important to us and we take action on what we hear. Please feel free to reach out to our dedicated, Client Advocate with any questions, comments or concerns.

Candace PerrettaCandace Perretta
Customer Advocate


We also actively participate in the Autodesk Customer Satisfaction Program and take survey comments to heart. Rating IMAGINiT with a 9 or 10 reflects your satisfaction with us. A rating below a 9 is interpreted as though you were not entirely satisfied with your experience with IMAGINiT. We want to know what it takes to earn that 9 or 10 from you. If you do not feel that we earned that 9 or 10, we would love to hear the reasons why, so that we can work together to fix them!  

All of us here at IMAGINiT value our relationship with you, our customers. We look forward to continuing to keep you highly satisfied and productive. 

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