IMAGINiT Launches Clarity 2023 Showcasing 10 Years of Customer-Inspired Innovation

Enhanced Task Monitoring and Reliability, Usability, Integration and Space Programming Saves Users Time and Improves Model Control

May 17, 2022

IMAGINiT Technologies has released Clarity 2023, an enterprise level suite of products that further improves AEC firms’ competitive advantage with reliable process automation. Clarity performs the repetitive tasks required to put BIM Coordinators in control of their models as well as all related metrics and analytics. With Clarity 2023’s enhanced task reliability and monitoring, usability, integration and space programming, BIM Coordinators now have the ability to manage the automation of much larger projects than they did previously.

“Ten years after the initial product launch, many customers have expressed that IMAGINiT Clarity is the equivalent of having several extra people on your team because on average AEC firms save over 200 hours per project, allowing employees to allocate their time to mission critical work,” says Bill Zavadil, president and chief operating officer, IMAGINiT Technologies. “In the past eight years alone, hundreds of Clarity customers, including the DLR Group, Leo A Daly and more than 60 others on the Engineering News Record’s list of Top 500 Design Firms, have used our Clarity product to save a combined 1.7 millon hours allowing them to reclaim valuable design time.”

IMAGINiT Clarity 2023 is compatible with Autodesk Revit® 2023 and also supports versions of Revit and Revit Server back to 2019 with limited support available for Revit 2018. With Clarity 2023, AEC firms, their BIM Coordinators and their customers will experience innovations and enhancements that have evolved as a direct result of IMAGINiT responding to teams’ challenges and requests.

Improved Task Monitoring & Reliability

Visual dashboards now give BIM project managers greater visibility with the Task Coordinator View that communicates exactly what tasks were assigned to and completed by Clarity over the last 24 hours. Details include the number of projects, tasks in queue, task servers online and task server alert notices. BIM project managers, can quickly act on detailed information to ensure projects keep moving forward. Other enhancements include improved codes (Dialog-Popup-Killing, Revit monitoring, Revit/BIM 360® handling), improved two-way communication between host and task servers, and more.

Increased Usability

BIM Coordinators are now able to find and use the information they need faster while still keeping private information secure. Improved usability enhancements include enabling browsing in task configurations and enabling post task actions to be moved or copied. User-friendly metadata mapping now goes beyond just synchronizing files to actually now transferring the metadata and associated tags for data tracking between Common Data Environments like BIM 360, ProjectWise and Sharepoint. Other new features include auto-creation of BIM 360 projects, an upgraded UI on DWG/NWC tasks and in-place datasheet editing.

Enhanced Integrations

In addition to integrations with Procore, BIM Track, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, Clarity 2023 provides deeper integrations with PyRevit and ProjectWise. Creating more seamless integrations further facilitates collaboration across teams and projects so managers can access information needed to make better decisions faster.

Enriched Space Programming Module

Clarity 2023 further improves BIM project managers ability to accelerate and control space programming to better support design creation and verification, set standards and more. New features in this Clarity module include the ability to create new datasheet types (Room Type Datasheets/Room Requirement Data sheets) during the space programming stage, as well as improved Excel import mappings and family line-up inside Revit options.

Free Clarity 2023 Webinar

Join Matt Mason, IMAGINiT’s director of software development, for a live webcast covering the new functionality of Clarity 2023 including enhancements for task monitoring, reliability, usability and more. Register now for this free webinar on May 18th at 1:00 PM ET.

Learn more about the highly-anticipated new features and the value that IMAGINiT Clarity 2023 brings to BIM projects by watching this two-minute video. For more details and a complete range of BIM technology solutions, visit or talk to an IMAGINiT expert at 1-800-356-9050.

Clarity in the Cloud

For small to mid-sized architectural firms who need to automate repetitive tasks, but want to eliminate upfront hardware and IT related costs, IMAGINiT offers IMAGINiT Clarity Cloud. Powered by Autodesk Forge®, Clarity Cloud offers specific task automation for Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD® in BIM 360 projects. Its powerful tools handle previously manual processes such as creating PDF sets, exporting DWG files, backing-up projects, creating datasheets for rooms, equipment and furniture, and more. To learn more about IMAGINiT Clarity Cloud, visit or talk to an IMAGINiT expert at 1-800-356-9050.

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