Finite Element Analysis

IMAGINiT provides an effective collaborative consulting business model to deliver Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services to support confident design decisions. The insight we offer empowers clients to create robust designs faster and more reliably, without distractions to their current development process.

IMAGINiT’s FEA Consulting team has extensive experience with the following multibody systems.

  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Shock Response
  • Random Vibration
  • Parametric Design Optimization
  • Thermal Induced Stress
By partnering with IMAGINiT, the analysis process is handled by our analysis experts, while the design process is left to your design experts. Sharing core competencies encourages continuous collaboration and bi-directional flow of information. This ensures that all design guidance and ideas exchanged fit within your constraints for timing, cost, manufacturability, size, and aesthetics

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Benefits of IMAGINiT’s insight:

  • Assess performance effectiveness before making tooling commitments
  • Increase design efficiency and product reliability
  • Optimize performance-to-weight ratios
  • Balance overall performance with size, cost, and aesthetics
  • No need for FEA expertise or software—We have it!
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IMAGINiT's Finite Element Analysis Services
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