Enabling Integration

IMAGINiT Pulse is a SaaS-based business systems integration platform that enables organizations to integrate many different types of applications – independent of platform, programming language, or API. With IMAGINiT Pulse, datasets from business-critical information systems are exchanged and the data is kept consistent and safe.

How IMAGINiT Pulse Works

IMAGINiT Pulse serves as an intermediary between systems. An IMAGINiT Pulse connector extracts information from a business system, sends the data to the platform, the platform is set up with the workflows and data transformation necessary, and then a destination connector transmits the desired information to the destination system.


IMAGINiT_Pulse_Building_IntegrationThrough conversations with key stakeholders, IMAGINiT’s professional services team gathers information about the organization’s unique workflows, business logic, and triggers. Those insights are used to customize the IMAGINiT Pulse connectors based on the mapping and scripting that is appropriate for the organization’s needs.

Benefits of System Integration

Introducing IMAGINiT's Pulse Integration Platform
  • Flexibility. Data can be exchanged bi-directionally between systems, ensuring that business users always have access to the most current information. In addition, IMAGINiT Pulse supports many different IT architectures – both connector systems can be in the cloud, both can be on-premise, or one can be in the cloud and one can be on-premise.
  • Streamlined integration. IMAGINiT has incorporated its years of system integration experience into IMAGINiT Pulse. The result is an integration process that is 90% repeatable and 10% specific to customer needs and requirements. The standardized approach simplifies integration. End users are insulated from the complexity of the system interface.
  • Greater visibility. IMAGINiT Pulse provides an Administrator’s Interface which contains the connection settings, workflows, and data transformation scripts, and more. Administrators can see the sequences and scripts that are being executed. In addition, logs capture validation and error tracking information for easy troubleshooting.
  • A library of pre-built connectors. IMAGINiT Pulse has four pre-built connectors available for Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle, Autodesk BIM360 Operations, and BuildingLink. Based on client needs, IMAGINiT consultants can build other connectors for systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, SharePoint, and more.

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