Enhance the Product Workflow Process

IMAGINiT Pulse provides a flexible solution, which supports the automated creation and update of Fusion Lifecycle Items and Bill of Materials (BOMs) records from Vault Files upon release. Pulse will also support Fusion Lifecycle Engineering Change Order (ECO) workflows that require data exchange between Autodesk Vault and Fusion Lifecycle. 


Supports Manufacturing Workflows

By integrating Autodesk Vault and Fusion Lifecycle, IMAGINiT Pulse enables organizations to support three important workflows:

  1. Creation/Update of Fusion Lifecycle Items and BOMs.  As you create and release new parts and assemblies in Vault, associated Item and BOM records are created automatically in Fusion Lifecycle. This eliminates the manual importing and creation of items and BOMs.
  2. Initial Release and/or Fast-Track Releases. Information can be sent between systems which allows a newly created design or assembly to be released for the first time – i.e., Rev. A.
  3. Revision Releases or Typical Change Control Board (CCB) Releases. Data can be exchanged between systems which allows released designs or assemblies to be updated and released to the next revision – i.e., Rev. B, C, D, etc.

Pre-Built Connectors

IMAGINiT Pulse has pre-built connectors available for Autodesk Vault and Fusion Lifecycle. With a small amount of professional services assistance, these connectors can be tailored to each organization’s unique ECO workflows and rapidly deployed.

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