ProductivityNOW Standard

Our ProductivityNOW Standard offering is our solution best suited to small to medium sized companies with 1 to 24 users of Autodesk software. Customers get the benefits of our Priority Support offering that includes faster resolution times as well as the ability to track and monitor support cases. In addition, customers have access to our eLearning content to enhance their product knowledge when and how it’s most convenient.

Features of ProductivityNOW Standard:

On-demand eLearning on all major Autodesk products
  • Employees have 24/7 access to self-enroll or search the library of self-paced, video-enhanced eLearning courses that include practice exercises and quizzes. Videos and self-paced learning courseware explain the “how” and the “why”, practice exercises reinforce learning, and the robust search functionality helps employees quickly find the information they need.
Access to our expansive library
  • Users have 24/7 access to our expansive library of technical “How To” videos, documents, and detailed workflows that quickly answer users ‘how to’ process questions.
Multiple learning modes
  • We offer content to accommodate multiple learning modalities: comprehensive courses, hands-on tactile exercises, and visual/hearing videos.
Option to add eLearning Content
  • Clients have the option to add eLearning content for 3rd party applications.
Video Enhanced eLearning
  • We offer over 75 unique courses covering more than 30 Autodesk software products. Our eLearning library contains more than 2,500 Autodesk related videos for Autodesk 2019 products alone.

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