Autodesk Inventor: Advanced Assembly Modeling (LIVE Online)

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Duration: 03 day(s)

Wed, Jul 24, 2024 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Eastern Time Zone

Thu, Jul 25, 2024 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Eastern Time Zone

Fri, Jul 26, 2024 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


LIVE Online



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Wed, Jul, 24, 2024

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$1,395.00 (Excluding tax)

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email: phone: 1-800-356-9050

This course builds on the skills acquired in the Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling and Autodesk Inventor: Advanced Part Modeling courses to take you to a higher level of productivity when creating and working with assemblies.

You begin by focusing on the Top-Down Design workflow. You learn how tools are used to achieve this workflow using Derive, Multi-Body Design, and Layouts. Other topics include model simplification tools, positional representations, model states, iMates and iAssemblies, Frame Generator, Design Accelerator, and file management and duplication techniques. A chapter that explains how to render, produce, and animate realistic images in AutodeskĀ® InventorĀ® Studio has also been included.

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The main topics covered in this Autodesk Inventor training course include:
  • Applying motion to existing assembly constraints using Motion and Transitional constraints.
  • Introduction of the Top-Down Design technique for creating assemblies and their components.
  • Tools for Top-Down Design, such as associative links, adaptive parts, multi-body and layout design, derived components, and skeleton models.
  • Creating positional representations to review motion, evaluate the position of assembly components, or document an assembly in a drawing.
  • Using the model simplification tools to create simplified part models and views of assembly designs.
  • Creating model states and iAssemblies to create customizable versions of assembly designs.
  • Creating rendered realistic images and animations of parts and assemblies using Autodesk Inventor Studio and the Video Producer.
  • Using the Design Accelerator and Frame Generator to easily insert standard and customizable components and features into your model.
  • Efficiently duplicating components in an assembly.
  • Adding welds and weld symbols to weldment assemblies.
Prerequisites for this Autodesk Inventor training course:
The class assumes mastery of Autodesk Inventor basics as taught in Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling. In addition, Autodesk Inventor: Advanced Part Modeling knowledge is recommended.

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