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Today’s business environment is demanding. High levels of employee productivity are the key to meeting customer driven deadlines and driving innovation through the effective use of technology. It’s tough to attain those goals, however, if people aren’t using their software tools in an efficient manner. Not to mention, the resulting frustration isn’t good for employee engagement and satisfaction. Some organizations try to handle technical support in-house, but most don’t realize the hidden costs. All too often employees turn to internal experts for help which reduces the amount of time that these high performing team members are productive.

IMAGINiT support is a better solution. Our dedicated support team is comprised of individuals with real-world, industry experience. Technical support is all they do and when we hire, we look for people who are skilled at troubleshooting and love the challenge of solving customer problems. IMAGINiT’s cloud-based call center is integrated with our customer database giving technical support team members full visibility into accounts as well as helping to route inbound calls to the right support resource based on industry and product knowledge. IMAGINiT offers maximum flexibility and tailors a wide variety of support offerings to fit each client’s unique needs. With our friendly, expert help that is always here when you need it, IMAGINiT’s support options will ensure you get the answers you need to keep projects moving forward.

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