Duration: 0.5 day(s)

Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD

In this Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD training course we will review best practices for creating geometry from point cloud data as well as how to work with large data files. Users take advantage of the familiar AutoCAD interface and tools to shorten the learning curve for working with laser scan data.

Upon completion of this Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD course, students will be able to:
  • Work in AutoCAD with point clouds from any laser scanner or point cloud-creating 3D sensor
  • Auto-Fit Polyline tool lets users quickly fit 2D lines and arcs to the point cloud with one, two, or three pick points; combine with QuickSlice for fast, user-friendly 2D linework extraction
  • Steel, flange, automatic pipe, and 2D line fitters
  • Manipulate and navigate large point cloud data sets faster, including slices, sections, and limit boxes
  • Place AutoCAD model item Steel, flange, automatic pipe, and 2D line fitters Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness tool with automatic ASTM 1155 standard report generation
  • Orthoimage tool to create GeoTIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP images with options for direct opening in AutoCAD
  • Auto Linework Assist speeds the deliverable creation process by assisting users in the deliverable creation process.
Prerequisites for this CloudWorx for AutoCAD training course:
Completion of the AutoCAD: Fundamentals course, or equivalent experience using the AutoCAD software.

Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.