From Concept to Construction, We Can Help

Creating the right design for each project and then seeing it come to life is only part of the equation. There's also ensuring that bidding is accurate, that clients understand the design and changes are handled during design, instead of construction. IMAGINiT understands that building and construction organizations need tools and processes that help them stay on top of their projects - while keeping everyone who needs to be connected to the data that's important to them. 

Building Design

Increase your potential win-rate and enhnace communication and productivity with solutions that support your entire building process.

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Reduce costs and increase owner satisfaction with soltuions that work for your teams - whether it's CAD, BIM or VDC (virtual design and construction) - IMAGINiT can help.

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Facilities Management

Know what you have, use what you know. Whether it's understanding space and assets, figuring out the utilization rate of your building, or taking your CAD to BIM, IMAGINiT's experienced facilities experts can help support you through the entire building lifecycle.

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