Every firm, regardless of size, needs a plan to streamline adoption of new technology. Success strategies aren't cookie cutter, each organization is unique with different goals, requirements workload and size.

IMAGINiT has over 20 years of CAD and BIM configuration and training experience. Our Jumpstart programs for Civil 3D and Revit are designed for small firms to get you going quickly and successfully with your new software.

Our Revit Jumpstart includes:

  • An IMAGINiT prepared and optimized Revit template based on the most common needs of small firms
  • Dedicated Revit Fundamentals training
  • One day of consulting services

Our Civil 3D Jumpstart includes:

  • Over 150 pre-built object and label Styles, based on the most common project requirements
  • One day of consulting services

These programs are designed for small organizations and will give your team a leg up when implementing new software. Find out if it's a fit for your team by contacting us today.

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