Increase your rate of Autodesk AEC software adoption. Introducing new technology is more than learning the picks and clicks; it changes existing processes and requires a structured plan.

Leverage more than 20 years of CAD and BIM configuration, implementation, and training with AEC Jumpstarts from IMAGINiT. AEC Jumpstarts help small firms get going quickly and successfully with new software.

Industry Collections Jumpstart for Civil Engineering Organizations covers:

  • Identification of your future goals and objectives.
  • Recognition of processes and workflows as they exist today.
  • Evaluation of your team's education level and functional abilities with the new software.
  • Introduction of network infrastructure and workstation specifications.

Revit Jumpstart includes:

  • An IMAGINiT prepared and optimized Revit template based on the most common needs of small firms.
  • Dedicated Revit Fundamentals training.
  • One day of consulting services.

Civil 3D Jumpstart includes:

  • More than 150 pre-built object and label styles, based on the most common project requirements.
  • One day of consulting services.

Civil 3D Grading Optimization Jumpstart includes:

  • Two days of focused training and consulting, allowing firms to harness the power of the Grading Optimization feature and reduce the time-consuming and manual iterative design processes typically required to design an optimized grading solution.

Civil 3D Project Explorer Jumpstart includes:

  • One day of focused training and consulting services to help firms optimize usage of the Project Explorer feature, navigate the interface and improve current project workflows.

BIM 360 for Docs Jumpstart includes:

  • Education on Account Management, Project Administration, and Document Management.

BIM Collaborate Pro for Revit Jumpstart includes:

  • Education on how to simplify workflows and centralize project data in the cloud on the BIM 360 platform.

BIM Collaborate Pro for Civil 3D Jumpstart Includes:

  • Education on to configure, manage, and use BIM 360 Docs/Autodesk Docs & BIM Collaborate Pro.
  • Autodesk Civil 3D configurate and integration with BIM Collaborate Pro for project collaboration and data sharing.

If you’re a small organization considering new software, find out if AEC Jumpstarts are a fit for your team by contacting us today.

Jumpstart Services

Jumpstart Services

Designed for small firms, learn how this service can help you.

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