Streamline processes with PLM

Get Products to Market Faster with Effective PLM

Many manufacturing organizations spend too much time managing design processes manually with a combination of homegrown forms, custom spreadsheets, and email. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) lets manufacturers easily connect processes, people, and data across the product lifecycle. Traditionally, high costs and complex infrastructure requirements restricted the use of PLM software to large companies, however with technology advances, companies of all sizes can now leverage PLM to capture critical business information and integrate tools and processes to benefit all product development stages.

Businesses implementing PLM realize improved processes and productivity, better quality products, sustained growth and increased profitability.

A Proven Approach

Leverage extensive knowledge to gain product development best practices and help your company reach higher levels of productivity. Assessment of your current environment helps craft a personalized, comprehensive implementation plan. 

  • Eliminate the Bottlenecks. Ensure all project lifecycle systems work cohesively to share information necessary for providing visibility, continuity, and efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. Get new products to market faster and spend more time on proactive processes.
  • Rapid Deployment. Realize a quick and efficient deployment when you partner with IMAGINiT's PLM services experts who analyze the areas of need, define the problem, and craft a solution.  
  • Reliable Expertise. You can depend on IMAGINiT’s experienced staff of PLM services experts with broad experience helping firms of all types and sizes achieve process improvement through PLM. The team also excels at identifying what companies need to succeed and are here to provide recommendations, training, and support to ensure your PLM implementation success.

Ready to take control of change, eliminate process bottlenecks, stay on top of product development projects, and connect business systems? Contact us today. 

Did you know PLM can also support your green initiatives?


"Working with IMAGINiT to implement and customize our Fusion 360 Manage PLM software has brought significant benefits. The overarching value is that our team is more efficient, which means they have the capacity to develop more products."

Dimitri Paraskevopoulos, Vice President of Engineering at SEG Products

Increase Productivity with PLM

Increase Productivity with PLM

Learn how you can gain a competitive advantage with an effective PLM solution.

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