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Many manufacturing organizations spend too much time managing design processes manually with a combination of home grown forms, custom spreadsheets and email. By integrating a PLM solution, manufacturers can easily connect processes, people and data across the product lifecycle and ultimately increase profitability, sustain growth and bring better quality products to market faster.

Traditionally, high costs and complex infrastructure requirements restricted the use of PLM software to large companies. However, thanks to technological advances, companies of all sizes can now leverage PLM to capture key business information and integrate tools and processes to benefit all stages of product development.

Our Approach

Our combined teams bring extensive knowledge of product development best practices and can help your company reach higher levels of productivity by assessing your current environment and providing a comprehensive implementation plan.

  • Eliminate the Bottlenecks. With PLM, you can ensure that all of your systems involved in the project lifecycle will be working together and sharing the information necessary to provide visibility, continuity and efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of the product - allowing companies to get new products to market faster and spend more time on proactive processes.
  • Rapid Deployment. Our PLM services experts work with manufacturing firms to define the areas of need and, through the analysis of the problem and definition of the solution, we leverage our experience through a proven implementation methodology, allowing for a quick and efficient deployment.
  • Experienced Staff. Our PLM services experts have many years of experience helping firms of all types and sizes achieve process improvement through the use of PLM. The team also excels at identifying what companies need to succeed and are here to provide recommendations, training and support that will ensure your PLM implementation success.

For more information on how our team can help you take control of change, eliminate process bottlenecks, stay on top of product development projects, and connect business systems, contact us. 

"Benefits [of the new PLM system] include the removal of paper, which has led to improved customer service with information being integrated into the PLM workspaces or electronically filed in a central location for each project."

Shane Wemhoff, Team Leader - Process Improvement Department, Behlen Manufacturing Co.

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