Smart Water Analytics

More-Informed Decisions

Empower the professionals that create, manage, and maintain water services to make better decisions faster and for less costs by simulating a wide range of situations on a digital twin of their network.

End-to-End Water Infrastructure Solutions

From design to operations of water, wastewater, storm water, and flooding networks, water experts can mitigate risks by testing scenarios in virtual environments: 

  • Water Distribution Systems: Reduce costs and ensure clean drinking water by modeling distribution systems, simulating “what if” scenarios, and visualizing planning, design, and operation results; Leverage a master database to collaborate within and across teams and organizations.
  • Drainage Systems: Prevent flooding by confidently designing, testing, and auditing traditional systems, sustainable systems, and green infrastructure; Optimize networks to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Storm/Sewer/Flood Systems: Protect against floods by modeling complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly and collaboratively; Review and share easy-to-interpret visual results.


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