Leica RTC360

Leica RTC360

The Leica RTC360 scanner provides a fast, agile and simple solution. It simplifies field work for those new to laser scanning can effectively collect data and transform it into reality models.

The Leica RTC360 reality capture solution is portable, fast, accurate, and efficient. You'll be able to directly access reliable 3D models easily, even if your project is complex. With the Leica RTC360, you can:
  • Have a high-performance, medium-sized 3D laser scanner that easily captures 3D point clouds
  • Automatically register and clean point clouds
  • Collect data in the field on a regular tablet or smartphone, using a Leica app
  • Provide access to your scan data for office use as you're scanning
Learn more about this new technology or how to get started quickly with an RTC360 SmartStart. Contact an IMAGINiT representative today.

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