New Autodesk Transaction Process

Autodesk has announced a new transaction process that changes the way commercial customers purchase Autodesk software. This process change went into effect June 10, 2024. We have assembled a list of the most common questions our customers have about this new transaction model.

As always, IMAGINiT remains committed to the success of our customers. We have established an escalation team that is available to address any questions you may have around this new purchasing process. They can be reached at:

What is Autodesk’s New Purchase Model, also known as Buying Experience?

Simply put this is a new way of transacting the purchase of your Autodesk software assets. It has no impact on the partnership that you have with IMAGINiT. IMAGINiT will continue to work with you to assess your needs, recommend technology solutions, provide insights around licensing options, provide services to help with the implementation, adoption and support of your Autodesk technology investment and will remain your front line resource when it comes to any and all of your Autodesk needs. IMAGINiT will also continue to work with you to prepare a quote for the Autodesk software products that you need for your organization. The only difference will be that once you approve the quote, it will route to Autodesk who will in turn generate the invoice.

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