ProductivityNOW Professional

Our ProductivityNOW Professional offering is the ideal solution for large organizations with 25+ users of Autodesk software. This enterprise, support solution not only contains the great tools and resources available in ProductivityNOW Standard, but it also includes increased eLearning functionality that allows for customization, the addition of your proprietary content and enhanced features and functions that allow you to create a more tailored eLearning experience.

ProductivityNOW Professional highlights include:

Individual, workgroup, or manager-assigned eLearning
  • Whether an individual wants to enhance specific skills, a project team needs to get up-to-speed on new software, or a manager is helping employees fill skills gaps—ProductivityNOW streamlines the process. Advanced reporting capabilities make it easy for users and managers to track progress.
On-demand eLearning on all major Autodesk products
  • Employees have 24/7 access to a searchable library of self-paced, video enhanced eLearning courses that include practice exercises and quizzes. Videos and self-paced learning courseware explain the “how” and the “why”, practice exercises and quizzes reinforce learning, and the robust search functionality helps employees quickly find the information they need.
Video Enhanced eLearning
  • We offer over 75 unique courses covering more than 30 Autodesk software products. Our eLearning library contains more than 2,500 Autodesk related videos for Autodesk 2019 products alone.
Multiple learning modalities
  • We offer content to accommodate all learning modes: reading, hands-on exercises, and videos.
Customizable content
  • Clients can edit our content to match their specific workflow and practice needs.
Customizable home page
  • Companies can add their logo and links to internal content and sites.
Ability to add company-specific information
  • Companies can capture and share internal processes, documentation, and other company-related information.
Easy access to support professionals
  • Clients can contact support via the chat function on the site, email, or phone. They can monitor case status through our website. We also include a searchable knowledgebase of common support questions and answers.
Online, live lectures
  • Clients are invited to webinars on a variety of subjects, all delivered by certified subject matter experts.
User administration
  • Company administrators can enable Single Sign On (SSO) for easy user access and synchronize user accounts via active directory synchronization.

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