A subscription to IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW gives you access to eLearning resources whenever and wherever you need them. Our eLearning platform is powered by Pinnacle Series from Eagle Point Software, which offers the leading Autodesk video learning platform. The learning content is based on courseware from Autodesk Authorized Publisher ASCENT. Most courses are supplemented with videos to further explain detailed tasks and processes. The combination of these two modes of learning ensures that learners of all types get a thorough understanding of the concepts beyond picks and clicks. Quizzes and detailed practice exercises further facilitate retention and understanding of the learning material.

Here are several reasons organizations choose eLearning from IMAGINiT:

  • Content available on all major Autodesk products
  • Content developed by industry experienced engineers and contains real-world examples
  • Lessons accommodate multiple learning modes: reading, testing, videos
  • Self-paced education is available 24/7
  • Individuals can select courses, or managers can assign them
  • Managers can track the progress of their employees
  • Users can create workgroups to quickly share content with team or project members
  • Relevant content is easy to find using the online searchable library, which searches all courseware, videos, downloadable sample files, and more

View a comprehensive listing of Autodesk curriculum available for PRODUCTIVITYNOW clients.

To find out more about a ProductivityNOW subscription contact IMAGINiT directly.

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