eLearning is the most convenient of IMAGINiT’s education offerings. Access eLearning resources whenever and wherever you need them. IMAGINiT’s on-demand education program contains supplemental videos, quizzes, and detailed practice exercises to facilitate understanding and retention of the material.

Choose eLearning from IMAGINiT because:

  • Pinnacle Series by Eagle Point, the leading Autodesk video learning platform, is the power behind IMAGINiT’s eLearning platform.
  • Courses are available for all major Autodesk products.
  • Content includes real-world examples from industry-experienced engineers.
  • Training classes are taught with courseware by ASCENT, one of the top Autodesk Authorized Publishers.
  • Lessons accommodate multiple learning modalities: visual, auditory, and tactile.
  • Courses are available anytime, anywhere at a pace set by the student.
  • Management can assign sessions or allow employees to choose their own.
  • Management can track the progress of their employees.
  • User-created workgroups enable the sharing of content with teams or project members.
  • Content is easy to find through the online searchable library, which explores all courseware, videos, downloadable sample files, and more.

View a comprehensive listing of Autodesk curriculum available for ProductivityNow clients.

Expand your learning options through access to ProductivityNOW. Contact IMAGINiT today to subscribe.

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