LIVE Online Training

Sometimes employees just don’t have the time required for classroom based training. However this doesn’t minimize the need for greater efficiency and expertise with software tools.  IMAGINiT’s LIVE Online training is a good alternative in this situation:

  • The same curriculum as classroom courses, but students participate online from any location. The online learning platform enables students to collaborate together, ask questions, share their screens, and discover best practices from the instructor and their peers.
  • Small classes support hands-on learning, classes are limited to 6 students.
  • Post-training support is available for 30 days, this expert assistance on topics covered in class is like having your own personal teaching assistant.

To learn more about IMAGINiT’s Live Online Training, check out the class schedules.

"The online training format was a great fit for me. The instructor was very knowledgeable and it was almost like having one-on-one instruction. It left me wanting to take further instruction. I would highly recommend this training for any new user

Tim Ray - O'Sullivan Films

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