Autodesk Inventor: Sheet Metal Design

This Autodesk Inventor training course introduces the concepts and techniques of sheet metal modeling with the Autodesk Inventor software. The structure of the training course follows the typical stages of using the Autodesk Inventor software. That is, to create and edit sheet metal parts, generate flat patterns, and document the designs in drawings.

IMAGINiT's Sneak Peek Into Training. View Now. The main topics covered in this Autodesk Inventor training course are:
  • Understanding the Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal interface and workflow
  • Creating base faces, contour flanges, and contour rolls
  • Creating secondary faces, contour flanges, and contour rolls
  • Working with sheet metal parameters
  • Creating flanges
  • Adding hems, folds, and bends to sheet metal models
  • Adding corner rounds and chamfers to sheet metal models
  • Removing geometry from a sheet metal model (holes, cuts, and punch features)
  • Controlling sheet metal geometry using corner seams (seams and miters)
  • Generating flat patterns
  • Creating lofted flanges
  • Creating rip features to permit the flattening of the sheet metal geometry
  • Unfolding and refolding sheet metal geometry
  • Designing multi-body sheet metal models
  • Documenting and annotating sheet metal drawings
  • Converting solid models to sheet metal models
  • Working with sheet metal styles
Prerequisites for this Autodesk Inventor training course:
  • The material covered in this training course assumes a mastery of Autodesk Inventor basics as taught in Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling.
  • Knowledge of sheet metal processing is an asset, but not required.
Course description shown for Autodesk Inventor 2024.
Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.