Substation Design Suite: Physical for Inventor

The goal of this course is to help users achieve a working understanding of the SDS-P4I product and its functionality. This course will build on a basic understanding of Autodesk Inventor.

This course will cover six main sections: substation modeling strategy, an introduction to SDS-P4I, above-grade tools, below-grade tools, substation designer tools, and advanced SDS capabilities. Throughout the course, there will be hands-on modeling work where users will be able to achieve a better understanding of the product.

Topics will include everything from the product toolbar and how to place fittings to below-grade trenches and the SDS Content Editor. This course was designed to cover everything your organization will need to get started with Substation Design Suite Physical for Inventor.

Topics Covered in Substation Design Suite Physical for Inventor:
  • Electrical clearance design checks for phase to ground and phase to phase
  • Lightning protection using rolling spheres and cones
  • Placing lightning shield wire
  • Placing, editing, and updating cables
  • Adjusting cable sag
  • Placing, editing, and updating bus fittings
  • Placing and routing conduit
  • Placing and routing cable trenches
  • Creating ground grids and grounding leads
  • Simple placement of NEMA fittings
  • Simple placement of items with bolt circle mounts
Prerequisites for Substation Design Suite Physical for Inventor:
The material covered in this training guide assumes a mastery of Autodesk Inventor basics as taught in Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling. Users should also have thorough knowledge of working in a Microsoft Windows environment.

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Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.