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In today’s business environment, high employee productivity is key to meeting deadlines and driving innovation. To increase productivity, your organization needs its employees to use its software tools effectively. IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW can help.

Customers leverage our ProductivityNOW platform to get the most value from their Autodesk software. This 24/7 virtual platform:

  • Boosts employee efficiency and effectiveness by providing immediate access to best-in-class subject matter expertise, including:
    • High-quality eLearning content on all major Autodesk products - Videos and self-paced eLearning courseware explain the “how” and the “why” and practice exercises reinforce learning
    • Support tools – Easily contact our dedicated support team via online chat or through email or phone
    • Library of blog posts – Access content related to IMAGINiT support; Autodesk AutoCAD, civil engineering, building, and manufacturing software; and industry trends
  • Benefits extend far beyond the Autodesk software user:
    • NEW! Managers can identify and develop needed skills within their teams and assign eLearning courses to individuals and groups
    • CAD managers spend more time on strategic activities, because they spend less time answering questions from users
    • Employee satisfaction increases and turnover decreases with increased professional development opportunities

IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW is a one-stop-shop technical resource for:

  • Small to medium-sized customers - ProductivityNOW Complete provides access to:
    • Support via phone, email, and live chat, remote desktop streaming as well as an online knowledgebase of common support questions and answers
    • IMAGINiT’s video enhanced eLearning courses from our sister company ASCENT, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher, complemented by videos from Eagle Point Software, a leading Autodesk learning platform
    • Expansive library of technical “how to” videos, cheat sheets, and detailed workflows that quickly answer users’ “how to” questions
  • Large enterprise customers - ProductivityNOW Assurance includes all the features in ProductivityNOW Complete, PLUS:
    • The ability to:
      • Brand the portal with a company logo and links to company content and sites
      • Import a list of employees and enable/disable users
      • Capture and share internal processes, documentation, and other company-specific information
      • Enable Single Sign On (SSO)
      • Synchronize user accounts via active directory synchronization
      • Edit our content to meet their specific workflow and practice needs
    • A complimentary Autodesk software utilization analysis
    • Exclusive invitations to our live lecture series
  • By-the-hour support - ProductivityNOW Flextime is a cost-effective way to provide expert help to a select group of users or to your entire organization.

To learn more or determine which option best suits your needs, contact IMAGINiT.

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