IMAGINiT Support for Autodesk Users

Workspaces are changing and you want your team to succeed, wherever they are located.

IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW keeps everyone connected  and allows your team to utilize their time effectively with a variety of Autodesk support options.

From Priority Support to ProductivityNOW Standard and Professional, your teams will have instant access to best-in-class subject matter expertise, dedicated support tools, and high-quality eLearning content designed to derive the most value from Autodesk products

Maximize productivity with IMAGINiT Support and achieve:

  • Efficient installation and software troubleshooting with fast response times
  • Design assistance for the occasional “how-to” questions
  • Enhanced productivity with additional product features, technical and educational resources, and configurable content
  • Improved decision-making and greater administrative control with analytics and reporting functions
  • Effective communication between all your team members, even when working virtually

IMAGINiT Priority Support is an annual support offering for individuals, and firms of all sizes seeking priority access to unlimited technical support for troubleshooting errors, product performance failures, and Autodesk product installation and network licensing.

    • Dedicated team of support experts who spend 100% of their time assisting customers
    • Available by phone, online, or email
    • Guaranteed 4-business-hour response time

    View all benefits ProductivityNOW Standard, designed for companies who want a
    self-serving training and support platform for their team members. It includes all the benefits of Priority Support and expands those benefits with educational resources and enhanced contact options.
    • Unlimited 'live chat' technical support
    • Library of self-paced, video-enhanced, Autodesk Software eLearning courses
    • eLearning courses from ASCENT, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher
    View all benefits

    ProductivityNOW Professional focuses on organizations who want full control over their team's learning process. Professional builds on the benefits of Priority Support and ProductivityNOW Standard, with customization, administrative control, and valuable analytics.
    • Reports on eLearning progress and portal content usage
    • Full User Administration (Admins can add/remove users)
    • Customize standard content to fit your design process
    View all benefits

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