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Without high employee productivity, firms can find it difficult to meet customer driven deadlines and pursue innovative design solutions. The key to increasing productivity is ensuring employees are educated on how to use their Autodesk design software tools effectively and that they have access to experts when problems arise.

For firms that don’t have the option for in-house support, IMAGINiT offers quality and flexible Autodesk support offerings designed to meet the needs of small, medium and enterprise sized organizations. Our dedicated support team spend 100% of their time solving customer issues, their experience and expertise are unparalleled.

Our offerings include Priority Support, ProductivityNOW Standard and ProductivityNOW Professional. 

IMAGINiT Priority Support is an annual support offering for individuals and large companies alike. Customers have access to a dedicated team of IMAGINiT support experts who can be reached by phone, online, or email for troubleshooting issues in guaranteed 4-business hour response time.

ProductivityNOW Standard is designed for firms of all sizes and combines access to both our dedicated support team as well as our powerful eLearning solution which provides 24/7 access to high-quality courseware. This offering boosts employee efficiency and effectiveness with its powerful combination of traditional support as well as the self-serve eLearning content

ProductivityNOW Professional is designed for large organizations with 25+ users of Autodesk software and is our most comprehensive eLearning and support offering. This enterprise, support solution includes the great tools and resources available in ProductivityNOW Standard, as well as increased eLearning functionality that allows for customization and the addition of your proprietary content to create a more tailored eLearning experience.

To learn more about ProductivityNOW or to determine which option best suits your needs, contact IMAGINiT .

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