Autodesk Revit: Site Planning and Design

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The objective of the Autodesk Revit: Site Planning and Design training course is to enable users who have worked with the Autodesk Revit software to understand concepts and tools related to site planning and design. This course covers the Revit coordinate system, which is used to coordinate multiple files in a single project, as well as the elements and tools that are used to create topographic surfaces for site work.

Topics Covered in this Autodesk Revit Training Course:
Site Planning
  • Understanding the Revit coordinate system, positioning, true north, and project north.
  • Linking files.
  • Relocating the project elevation.
  • Working with shared coordinates by acquiring and publishing coordinates.
  • Exporting Revit models to .DWG.
Site Design
  • Creating toposolids.
  • Adding property lines.
  • Modifying toposolid by creating sub-divides, splitting surfaces, and grading.
  • Annotating site plans and adding site components.
Prerequisites for this Autodesk Revit training course:
Knowledge of the basic techniques of the fundamentals of the Autodesk Revit software covered in the Autodesk Revit: Fundamentals for Architecture course.

Course description shown for Autodesk Revit 2024.
Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.