Autodesk Revit: Tips, Tricks, and Updates
Duration: 01 day(s)
The Autodesk Revit software platform has improved greatly over time. In this course we will review many of the major upgrades that benefit users. Additionally Revit has numerous ways to expedite workflows which can be tedious and repetitive. From the most mundane tasks, to more advanced workflows, there are tools, shortcuts and workarounds we can use to make the software function even better. In this Autodesk Revit training course we will review many of these methods our team have put together over the years.

Upon completion of this Autodesk Revit training course, students will be able to:
  • Review Revit software upgrades and beneficial user enhancements
  • Implement many of the tips and tricks in daily tasks
  • Utilize various methods to expedite workflows
  • Increase efficiency in the Revit environment
Prerequisites for this Autodesk Revit training course:
Revit: Fundamentals for Architecture, MEP, Structure, or equivalent experience.

Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.