Leverage BIM Data for Facilities

The BIM for Owners SmartStart is a proven process to help you make the move from CAD to BIM faster and more efficiently.  At the end of the process, you'll have a comprehensive view of where you are today and a roadmap to get you using BIM data for facilities management. 

During the BIM for Owners SmartStart, our experts help you:

  • Uncover the true needs of your organization
  • Develop a BIM Standard or Guideline based on your requirements
  • Implement your tailored BIM strategy without losing valuable building data
  • With unique tools that speed your process, such as:
    • IMAGINiT BIMSwitch, which helps you convert CAD files to models, keep models on the correct version, and provides a unique library of BIM families set up with owners in mind
    • IMAGINiT Clarity Owner Data Portal, which provides an online system to view and query model data - without needing to open Revit
    • Leica Geosystems reality capture tools - such as the BLK360, BLK2GO and RTC360 that offer a simple way to collect as-built data you can quickly turn into models

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Move from CAD to BIM

Move from CAD to BIM

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