Convert to BIM - Migrate CAD Data to a Model-Based Format

As organizations begin renovations, retrofits and new construction, building documentation is shifting from CAD to building information modeling, or BIM. BIM is attractive because it offers more detailed as-built documentation that can be leveraged in commissioning and ongoing facility management needs. The portfolios of most organizations, however, were constructed before BIM was available.

IMAGINiT's Facilities Management team understands the value of converting CAD files to BIM and offers services to help organizations make that migration as easy as possible, including:

  • Development of a BIM Standard or Guideline. The key to a successful conversion is the development of a BIM Standard or Guideline. This allows your organization develop a consistent data structure for not only the conversion but also for new projects moving forward.

  • Legacy CAD file conversion. IMAGINiT teams have experience converting both paper and electronic CAD files to BIM. Often conversion includes using other data sources to create the building information model.

  • Integration of building information model with existing facility management systems. Even if there are multiple systems.

  • Field verification and High Definition Laser Scanning. Often, existing CAD files and other data is incomplete, or out of date. After onsite visits for field verification and high definition laser scanning, our consultants use proprietary technology and processes to create models.


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