Strategic Process Review for Facilities Managers

Facilities management tools don't exist in a vacuum, and they aren't plug-and-play. Knowing before you start what you want to achieve with your facilities management system, whether it's tracking space and assets, managing shared office space, or keeping on top of compliance ensures your systems meet your needs.

With a Strategic Process Review, you can identify and uncover the gaps between business requirements and the current approach to facilities management. These gaps may require modifications to workflow processes and standards, new types of software, or better integration with existing information systems.

The IMAGINiT Facilities Management Process Review includes:

  • Identifying problem areas that prevent the most productive and efficient use of facilities management software.
  • Analyzing technology implementations and facilities management needs, as well as recommend ways for the tools to integrate in order to deliver the intended results.
  • Creation of a consolidated set of requirements, recommendations and an implementation plan, based on group interviews and feedback.

Optimize ROI, reduce asset lifecycle costs, and deliver timely facility, property, and asset information across your organization. Learn how the IMAGINiT Facilities Experts can help you.

Optimize Facilities Management

Optimize Facilities Management

Ensure your systems are set to meet your needs. Learn more about our strategic process review.

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