Integrate BIM with Operations

Enjoy a smooth integration with IMAGINiT’s proven approach that enables project success with minimal disruptions to internal teams. We will accurately identify roles and responsibilities, scope and price projects, and provide detailed timelines of activities and deliverables.

Our team has successfully completed tens of thousands of integration projects with building owners around the world, so you can be confident that we have worked with systems similar to those at your organization.

Our five-phased implementation approach is scalable for projects of all sizes and complexities:

  1. Needs Assessment and Planning. Common topics include roles and responsibilities; existing processes, procedures, and business rules; new processes needed to meet FM goals; and timeline.
  2. Installation. Performed on site or remotely.
  3. Configuration. Common tasks include modifying database table structures, creating/standardizing workflows, integrating the FM system with other information systems, modifying the user interface, and adding needed reports.
  4. Training. Performed in person or online. Our real-life training approach integrates your data and system configurations and covers topics tailored to your needs.
  5. Evaluation and Support. Confirms the project met expectations and presents support options for continued success.

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Integrate BIM

Integrate BIM

Integrate BIM with Operations. Learn how now.

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